Agency of Youth Affairs implements the established national youth policy measures which encourage young people’s motivation to engage in active public life and take part in addressing youth problems. The key objectives of the agency include: coordinating the activities of state institutions and agencies with regard to youth policy, developing and implementing national youth policy programmes and instruments, and analysing the situation of youth, youth organisations and organisations working with youth in Lithuania.

Young people can realise their opportunities through taking part in the activities of public organisations. By participating in youth participation, youth work activities, a young person becomes communicative, more self-confident, and able to plan and implement plans, evaluate its efficiency and quality, cooperate with other persons and organisations, coordinate different interests.

Youth organisations, through regional associations of youth organisations, and national youth organisations, through the Lithuanian Youth Council, represent youth interests and participate in the process of formulating youth policy.

With a view to ensuring involvement and representation of non-governmental youth organisations in the formulation and implementation of youth policy, the Council for Youth Affairs is formed from representatives of state institutions and the Lithuanian Youth Council in compliance with the principle of equal partnership. The council considers the main issues of youth policy and submits proposals on the implementation of youth policy meeting the needs of youth and youth organisations. A municipal council for youth affairs may be set up according to the principle of parity from the representatives of municipal institutions and youth organisations. It is an advisory institution with a long-term purpose of ensuring youth participation in addressing youth-related issues at the local level. Politicians, municipal administrative staff and representatives from youth organisations cooperate in the council.

A municipal coordinator for youth affairs assists municipal institutions in the formulation and implementation of a municipal youth policy. The coordinator creates and maintains a cooperation network between municipality politicians, servants, youth and organisations working with youth, seeking to involve young people in relevant decision-making, as well as plans and implements municipal programmes and measures targeted at youth. The National Association of Youth Affairs Coordinators unites coordinators for youth affairs from almost all existing 60 municipalities in Lithuania.

The main youth-related programmes in Lithuania are orientated to the development and promotion of youth entrepreneurship, development of youth organisations, promotion of youth involvement in organised activities and their active participation, and training of specialists working with youth.

Financial support has been allocated to the programmes and projects of youth organisations and organisations working with youth. Youth initiative projects aimed at improving the quality of activities of youth organisations, developing and promoting youth entrepreneurship, as well as developing the activities of open youth centres have been funded.

Implementing the Programme of Youth Policy Development in Municipalities youth policy has been developed in municipalities, participation of young people, in particular those with fewer opportunities, in youth activities and policy has been encouraged, and cooperation has been strengthened among youth organisations and municipal institutions, rural and urban communities.

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